TRUST IT Consultancy embarks on a  highly skilled IT
professionals as  permanent Consultant in addition to a group of
Consultant who are assigned on a Per - Project basis to suit  the
needs of each consultation task.
Our permanent Consultants are :

  • Salah Abu Shaar :  embarked  on  his  long  experience
    working  in  IT  divisions  for  well - reputed  Banking and
    Telecom firms maneuvering  all types of IT resources both
    systems and HR . Very good experience in Restructuring of
    IT departments ,  IT  Business     Due      Diligence   &     re
    engineering      of   processes and placing and managing
    strategic plans and annual budgets.

  • Dr. Said Abu Shaar : With his PhD. Degree in Computer
    Engineering and his long experience in designing and
    building  business  Softwares and Packages ,  Very good
    experience in defining business needs , analysing IT
    systems and databases and assessing IT platforms and

  • Eng. Ala' Abu Shaar: 10 years of experience in industrial
    engineering , Quality Assurance and manufacturing
    processes including preparation auditing for ISO

In case you would like to join our pool of consultants , kindly
post your CV to :